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The Western Front Association

Wolverhampton Branch

The Western Front Association (WFA) was formed with the aim of furthering interest in The Great War of 1914-1918. We also aim to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those on all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during The Great War.

Update on Branch Talks

Until further notice - we have suspended the branch talks in response to the COVID-19 crisis. You can still visit the Western Front Association page on YouTube for some outstanding talks. Alternatively, Dan Hill - a member of the WFA and battlefield guide has organised some well known historians to deliver online talks. click the following link for more details. Dan Hill Talks

Members will be updated when the situation changes. Many thanks and stay safe and well, The Committee

We can help beat the boredom of self isolation.....

Online History talks - Live lectures - From the Battle of Trafalgar on the 8th April to the Battle of the Somme on the 22nd April.


Fancy walking around the British Museum without leaving home?

British Museum

WWII Sunken Warships your thing?


Never to old to learn - the following link takes you to an online learning courses - FREE (unless you want the printed certificate) I did what on mental health in teenagers - very interesting. (Martyn - vice chairman)

Lots of history courses, military and non military.

Future Learn

Film List

1918 - The Fall of Eagles | Dr John Bourne

The BEF: The 'Final Verdict' | Prof John Bourne

Gallipoli 1915: The Faded Vision | John Bourne

Gallipoli & the Western Front | Gary Sheffield

Britain's wars with Germany a new perspective

37 Days – The Countdown to War – BBC Historical Drama (2014 - almost 3 hours)

Joyeux Noel – Film of the Christmas Truce (2006 - about 2 hours)

Gallipoli – Australian Film Company – Mel Gibson leading role (1981 - about 2 hours)

Lawrence of Arabia – Peter O’Toole epic – what more can I say? (1962 – 3hrs 38 mins!)

The Trench – 48 hours leading up to the Battle of the Somme (1999 - about 2 hours)

The Somme “From Defeat to Victory” - BBC Historical Drama (2006 – about an hour)

WW1 Somme – Secret Tunnel Wars - BBC Historical Documentary (2012 – about an hour)

The Wipers Times - BBC Historical Drama (2013 – about 2 hours)

Birdsong – pre and post Great War BBC Drama (2012 – about 3 hours)

*TIMELINE UPDATED* details of a Wolverhampton lad on the Somme

My Boy Jack – ITV drama of Rudyard Kipling’s only son in Great War (2007 – about 1½ hrs)

Beneath Hill 60 – Australian Tunnellers 1916 etc (2010 - about 2 hours)

Testament of Youth – film of Vera Brittain’s “WW1 memoirs” book (about 2 hours)

All Quiet On the Western Front – original 1930s Black and White film (about 2 hours)

All Quiet On the Western Front – 1979 colour re-make of above (about 2 hours)

Paths of Glory – French Army Mutiny - Kirk Douglas 1950s (B & W film about 1½ hrs)

War Horse – epic drama showing use of horses throughout Great War (2012 about 2½ hrs)

Passchendaele – Canadian Army story – (2007 about 2 hours)

Parade’s End - BBC Historical Drama (2012 – about 2 hours)

Journey’s End – build up to the 1918 Spring Offensive (2017 - about 2 hours)

Sergeant York – based on Alvin York’s 1928 book - Gary Cooper lead (1941 – 2¼ hours)

The Lost Battalion – based on account of US Battalion in Oct 1918 (2012 about 2 hours)

Company K – US film based on the William March novel (2005 - about 2 hours) – Not good*

Oh! What a Lovely War – big celebrity cast - Great War Musical (1969 - 3 hours)

They Shall Not Grow Old – colourised footage (with voices) of original film (2018 – 1½ hrs)

1917 - latest epic about German retreat to Hindenburg Line - (2019 - 2 hours)

Masters of the Skies – Ball & Richthofen Documentary History Channel (2014 – 1 hour)

Aces High – drama about Fighter Pilots in the RFC – Malcolm McDowell lead (1976 – 2 hrs)

Zeppelin – British Spy yarn centred around a Zeppelin Raid on Britain (1971 – about 2 hrs)

Flyboys – story of American Pilots flying for the French Air Force (2006 – about 2¼ hours)

Branch News

Keep up to date with Branch events


2020 Speaker Programme

Monthly talks on a variety of topics

Speaker Programme